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Member - NFPA

Fire Extinguishers

We carry fire extinguishers for all classes of fires-classes A,B,C,D,K (A.B.C./Halon/water/foam/B.C/CO2/Halotron/).

Fire Sprinklers

We carry all components to any fire sprinkler system.

Fire Extinguisher Brackets

Fire Hoses

We stock Single Jacket rubber lined fire hose, it comes in lenghths of 50', 75',100'.

We can special order any type of fire hose needed for any specific job. We also carry USCG approved red rubber fire hoses.


Pull Stations and Audible Alarm

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Fire Hose Nozzles

Brass Fittings, Wharf Hydrants, Fire Water Valves

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Jalite Fire Safety Signage

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Safety Kits & Eye Wash Stations

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No-Fire and No-Burn Fire Retardant Paints and Stains

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Pool Pumps

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Fireboy Automatic Clean Agent Systems

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Wildland Fire Equipment

Residential Smoke, Carbon Monoxide & Combo Detectors

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Barricade Fire Gel

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Ansul Kitchen Suppression Systems

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